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The "O" Box Blog reviews Bedroom Baseball!

Flirty Nola

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The baseball and sex jokes have been around for ages. Getting to second base was always a young man or woman’s dream when first getting into a relationship and getting to home was the end goal. In this great board game that is the same goal, get to home and your fantasies can become reality.

“Batter up. It’s game day and that means it’s time to embrace your playful side and turn your bedroom into the ultimate sexual ballpark with Ball and Chain’s Bedroom Baseball Board Game. Players run around the bases performing foreplay activities and collecting Home Run cards in an effort to be the first player to reach Home Plate where sexual fulfillment awaits.”

This is such a simple yet super fun game. You can easily follow the rules of the game and enjoy what it has to offer, or use the basics and easily add your own spin to the game. The home run cards have many great prizes for you and your partner. Sexual favors, fantasies, erotic film or toy ideas. So many sexy fun things to keep you and your partner hot for more.

As you can see from the image of the game board, as you progress around the bases the landing spots become slightly more erotic. Obviously the goal is to score, but you also want to earn as many Homerun cards as possible, as each Homerun card offers some pretty awesome fantasy prizes you can redeem if you score first. You win the game by being the first to reach home plate. You can choose to extend the play by trying to go around another time in order to accumulate more Homerun cards, but also run the risk of giving your partner a chance to win.

The game is ridiculously fun and doesn’t take long to play or gets too confusing if your main goal is to just get down and dirty anyway. We chose to extend play, while also playing out each Homerun card as we collected them. Like I said it’s simple enough to play by the game rules or add your own twists to it as well. We laughed, we had fun, and we definitely scored a few runs…a.k.a orgasms!

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