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Five of the BEST sex games for couples

Flirty Nola

While staying at home playing board games with your partner might not necessarily sound like the most exciting evening, with the right games, you two could be in for a fun and flirty evening. No, that doesn't mean pulling out your old Monopoly or Battleship from the hall closet. Instead, think sexy board games specifically created for couples to enjoy together. 

Yes, it might feel silly to buy a romantic board or card game for you and your partner, but don't knock it until you try it. You just never know when a few naughty games might come in handy. They're just the thing to pull out on nights at home when the power is out or when you want to inject a little laughter and excitement into your relationship. Not only are they a good time, but they're also a chance for you and your game partner to connect on a level that perhaps you haven't in a while.

So with this in mind, here are a few of the best sexy board games for couples that you two can enjoy together whenever the mood strikes.


Lust!  Adult board game

With more than 30,000 different variations, Lust! is sure to excite even those in the most lengthy of relationships. With each roll of the die, you and your partner move along the game board, pulling cards that depict explicit sexual techniques to be tried and shared with your partner. The first person to reach the end must then initiate the sequence suggested on the Love Making card.

Intimate Dares

Intimate Dares adult card game

I don't know about you but I am a very competitive girl!  Dare me to do something but be prepared for me to do it!  Maybe that's why I love this naughty little deck of cards so much! 

Intimate Dares is a risque card game that not only challenges your card skills, but tests your willingness to get down and dirty with lusty tasks and uninhibited dares!



The game where the name says it all. The game for lovers that contains a perfect mix - just enough teasing foreplay kinky games and sexuality. You must try to hold your orgasm until you reach the last square. Illustrated cards and sexy games will guide you through a series of erotic trials. Playing Orgasmixxx is about learning to prolong the pleasure and savoring the experience. And waiting until the end of the game to release your urges.. So stay cool when things get hot and you will love every second of this game. 



Sexplicit board game for couples

Think of it as Mad Libs on viagra! Write Your Own Erotic Adventure!  100 Sexy Scenarios can make for thousands of new ways to experience your partner. All you need is a little imagination and some time to enjoy. The great thing about this game is that you can control where and how, with what and for how long.


Sex Around the House

Sex around the house board game for couples

Let's face it...we all get stuck in dull routines.  If fooling around has become limited to the bedroom you need to mix it up!  Remember when you would get caught up in the moment and take advantage of a kitchen counter or the laundry room?  Bring back that passion and spontaneity with Sex Around the House!


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