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Think Sex

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Think Sex - KG
Think Sex - KG
Think Sex - KG

Think Sex is an adult card game for couples where the more you think about sex, the better your chances are of getting it! Put on your thinking caps … and prepare for an evening of sex, sex and more sex. Mastering your hand at cards has never been so pleasing!

Before you get ready to shuffle the deck, set up by having ice cubes, flavored body toppings, blind folds, massage oils, a camera, cell phones, and your favorite sex toys within reach. Set the mood with candles, soft music and bubbly.

There are two options to euphoria … but first, shuffle the 60 Think Sex deck of cards, and strip down to your sexy underwear!

Option 1: Place all cards face down (6 rows of 10) to play the sex memory game. The first player turns over two cards, trying to find matches. If there is no match, the cards are returned to their place face down. The next player goes… and so on. When two cards are matched, the player who matched can choose to act out the tantalizing foreplay action at the time of match – or they can hold out and make their lover wait until after all the cards have been matched, keeping their matched cards and taking another turn. The player with the most matches wins to score the evening with pleasure using the sexual scenarios and positions from their winning pairs.

Option 2: Deal seven cards to each player and place remaining cards face-down in center for the draw deck. Dealer goes first by asking their lover for a card to make a match in their hand. If your lover has the card requested collect it and place the pair face up in front of you to reveal your matching pairs. If no match is made, the turn ends by taking the top card from the draw deck. Taking turns, continue play until there are no more cards left in the deck. The player with the most pairs wins as you both play out the rest of the evening from the winning activity cards.

Spark a new flame, rekindle the fire or explore your wild side as you arouse and tease, tickle and massage, lick and kiss your way into one or more of the sexual positions in the winning hand. “The more you think, the better your chances…and before you know it, you will be begging for more!”

Includes: 60 Activity Cards: 30 Foreplay of teasing, tickling, licking, massaging, sexting and kissing
30 Action Cards of positions, oral pleasure and masturbation

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