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The Cumpanion Aftercare Towel

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The Cumpanion Aftercare Towel - KG
The Cumpanion Aftercare Towel - KG
The Cumpanion Aftercare Towel - KG

OMG!  I adore this product!  Great sex can be...messy - and no matter how many times I do it I am NEVER prepared for wet spots!  

In the heat of passion we always forget to prepare for the cleanup...We have great news!  The days of grabbing the nearest old shirt, sock, towel or worse yet, a wad of tissues, after sex are long gone. 

Introducing the Cumpanion!  A bedroom MUST-HAVE! Made from opulent, dual-plush microfiber, the Cumpanion gently whisks away and absorbs body fluids, oils, lotions, and more, leaving the user feeling pampered and refreshed. BUY ONE (or two) of these NOW!  You will thank me over and over and over again!

Appearance: Medium in size (24” by 15”), elliptical in shape, made of plush microfiber material, and trimmed in satin.A reversible pocket allows you to flip the pocket inside out, clean, and flip it back to keep the towel’s exterior fluid-free. Plus, the pocket may be used to store your favorite vibrator, cock ring, or toy!

Wash: Machine wash microfiber in warm water (do not exceed 105°F or 40°C) with detergent only. Tumble them dry on low heat or no heat.

Caution: avoid fabric softeners; microfiber absorbs the softner agents and compromises the towel's absorbency over time.