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Sex! - A Year of...

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Sex! - A Year of... - KG
Sex! - A Year of... - KG
Sex! - A Year of... - KG
Sex! - A Year of... - KG
Sex! - A Year of... - KG
Sex! - A Year of... - KG

It is easy to believe that sex is something instinctive, something we humans only understand when it starts feeling good. All of a sudden, we just know what should be put in where or what should be rubbed against what and which positions the bodies should be in while it is happening.

 But it is not like that! The reason why we know how to have sex is the ancient Indian instruction manual, Kama Sutra. This deck of cards is inspired by Kama Sutra and contains illustrations of 51 positions and also a few games. If you test a new position or play once a week, you have a year of fantastic sex ahead of you. Do you understand what type of world champion you can be?

"But what do you mean, I'm already a world sex champion" you might be thinking a little pompously right now. Prove it! Do all positions in one day!

 Details about your A Year of Sex Adult Card Game

  • Deck of Kama Sutra sex positions
  • Contains 53 cards
  • 51 sex acts (including two "wild ones")
  • The sex positions have a difficulty from 1-5
  • 3 games + instructions
  • The instructions on the cards are in English
  • The cards show a man and a woman having heterosexual sex, but we believe many of the positions can be used by same-sex couples

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