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Sex Around the House

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Sex Around the House - Kissy Games
Sex Around the House - Kissy Games
Sex Around the House - Kissy Games

Let's face it...we all get stuck in dull routines.  If fooling around has become limited to the bedroom you need to mix it up!  Remember when you would get caught up in the moment and take advantage of a kitchen counter or the laundry room?  Bring back that passion and spontaneity with Sex Around the House!

How can a simple board game change your life? Well... with Sex Around the House you can avoid the awkwardness of suggesting something new - let the game decide when and where your next rendezvous will occur.  Break free of your bedroom and open up the entire house. You'll never look at a room the same way! Just follow the footsteps into each and every room to reveal the sexual surprise that awaits.

Who knew you could have so much fun in the dining room?!


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