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Optimale Travel Essentials for Men Kit

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Optimale Travel Essentials for Men Kit - Kissy Games
Getting down while you're out of town? This 5-piece travel-size personal care kit for men prepares you to be your very best even when you're away from home. So Smooth Shaving Cream is chamomile-enriched to prevent irritation for the closest, easiest shave. So Dry Anti-Chafing Lotion keeps you smelling fresh and sweat-free in your most sensitive areas with a cream-to-powder formulation that includes aloe and vitamin E. So Fresh Deodorant Spray nourishes skin and boosts pheromone production with a fresh masculine scent. When you're ready for action, our So Big Plumping Cream works quickly on contact to plump up your erection for enhanced sexual performance and maximum pleasure. OptiMALE Water-Based Glide conditions and moisturizes skin while it lubricates and is safe for use with all toy materials.

5-Piece Set of Sexual Health Essentials for Men
Convenient 1 fl oz. Travel Bottles
Skin-Soothing Natural Ingredients
Certified Cruelty-Free
Proudly Made in America

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