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Bound By Love

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Bound By Love - KG
Bound By Love - KG
Bound By Love - KG
Bound By Love - KG
Bound By Love - KG

An exciting game for couples who are looking to spice up their love life by adding a little experimentation and imagination. Now you can turn every sexual encounter into your own playful, bondage fantasy adventure.

Whether you're dominant or submissive (or yet to find out!), Bound by Love gives you the opportunity to be blindfolded, tickled, whipped, paddled, tied-up or spanked! Included in the set are 50 action cards, a red and black die, an elasticated blindfold and 2 ribbon ties.

Simply roll the dice to figure out who gets to go first, then pick up a card, read out the instructions and use the soft blindfold and ribbon ties to help act it out.

Safely explore your personal limits and fantasies in the comfort of your own home or dungeon.

Key Features:

  • A raunchy bondage game for couples complete with command cards, dice and bondage accessories
  • Ideal for bondage beginners and couples keen to discover new activities together
  • 50 sexy command cards give you plenty of bondage-themed actions to act out on each other
  • Roll the included dice to decide who starts
  • Kit contains 1 soft, elasticated blindfold and 2 ribbon ties (54 inches in length)

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