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Valentine's Day

Keep It Spicy Bundle

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Keep It Spicy Bundle
Keep It Spicy Bundle

It can be challenging to keep your sex life fresh and exciting.  There are many reasons a couple's intimacy can get boring or even non-existent.  This combo is meant to re-break the ice to bring you closer together again. As the name of the game suggests, "Bring Sexy Back" can set the intention without having to say a word.  Spark things up again by leaving an IOU card under their pillow, use the "Month of Sex" calendar as a challenge to be intimate every single day for a month.  If you are really dedicated break out "A Year of Sex" and try something new every day for a year!  

Maybe you like the challenge of doing it in every room of the house - "Sex Around the House" can help you with that.  Prefer to spend the whole day/night in bed? Breakout "The Bedroom Game" and let's mess up those sheets.  Explore each other's hidden desires and fantasies with "Love Shop", the game with 5 categories: Sex & Toy Shop, Fetish Shop, Fun & Giggles Shop, Fantasy Shop and Romance Shop.

Challenge yourselves and keep that spice alive!

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