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Valentine's Day

Keep It Spicy Bundle

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Keep It Spicy Bundle

It can be challenging to keep your sex life fresh and exciting.  There are many reasons a couple's intimacy can get boring or even non-existent.  This combo is meant to re-break the ice to bring you closer together again.  Spark things up again by leaving an IOU card under their pillow, use the "Month of Sex" calendar as  challenge to be intimate every single day for a month.  If you are really dedicated break out Cosmo's "365 Naughty Nights" or "A Year of Sex" and try something new every day for a year!  

Maybe you like the challenge of doing it in every room of the house - "Sex Around the House" can help you with that.  Prefer to spend the whole day/night in bed? Breakout "The Bedroom Game" and let's get those mess up those sheets.  Explore each other's hidden desires and fantasies with "Love Shop", the game with 5 categories: Sex & Toy Shop, Fetish Shop, Fun & Giggles Shop, Fantasy Shop and Romance Shop.

Challenge yourselves and keep that spice alive!

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