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A Deeper Shade of Red

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A Deeper Shade of Red - KG
A Deeper Shade of Red - KG
A Deeper Shade of Red - KG
A Deeper Shade of Red - KG

Playfully explore bondage and pleasurable pain with the handcuff- shaped game board. The game also includes a 14-inch high-quality silicone whip. Use the whip to tease or spank your lover while also engaging in kinky foreplay. Lose a turn while trapped in the dungeon and expirement with nipple and wax play along the way. The first player to reach the winner.. spot wins and gets to roll for a bondage sex position on the giant sex position die. Includes a game board whip sex position die 2 games markers and game rules

  • A Deeper Shade of Red is an adult game for couples that lets you explore the bondage and discipline world.
  • Each player begins by selecting a game piece, then rolling the die to attempt landing directly on the “Winner” space. The player who does gets to roll the die one last time to select a bondage sex position of their choice!
  • Receive a bondage fantasy of your choice with this exciting board game today!
  • Game contents include: 1 Gameboard – 1 Whip – 1 Large Bondage Position Die – 2 Game Markers – Game Rules

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