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Love Notes & I.O.U.s

Behind Closed Doors - In the Mood for Love

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Behind Closed Doors - In the Mood for Love - KG

Are you In The Mood to try something new? 

We've created 105 ways to express yourself. This game has a flirtatious selections of “moody” seductions designed to bring excitement, pleasure, and fun into your bedroom (and other places too, depending on your sense of adventure)!

How to Play: In The Mood For Love cards are a great way to reward lover or simply express whatever you may be in the mood for, from fun and playfulness to romance and passion, to a bit of kink and adventure.

You decide. You can take turns exchanging cards or you can surprise your lover by hiding the cards in places where they are sure to find them.

Contents: 105 In The Mood For Love Cards.

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