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Getting Naked Game

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Getting Naked Game - Kissy Games
Getting Naked Game - Kissy Games
Getting Naked Game - Kissy Games
Getting Naked Game - Kissy Games
Get down and dirty with the erotic Getting Naked! Game. The risqué card game made for two involves chancing your luck and removing your clothing. The fun adult couple’s game is the ideal entertainment for an intimate night of erotic passion. Forget skill and strategy, and play for the raunchy excitement and pleasure of getting naked. The exciting game comprises of 52 Getting Naked playing cards, a rule book, and complete gameplay instructions. The easy to play card game is suitable for 2 adult players and involves taking turns in flipping cards. The luck of the draw determines the sensual action and dictates how quickly you remove your clothes. The thrilling game is perfect for rekindling red-hot passion and lust with your lover. The game is a fast paced card game that is ideal for new lovers and established couples. Strip away your sensual inhibitions by playing an exciting card game just for fun. The object of the game is to get both players naked so that you both win! To play, shuffle the cards and deal them between you and your lover. Get ready to strip off and enjoy plenty of intimate fun.
  • Getting Naked! is an adult game for couples that is so simple yet so exciting in all of its ways!
  • The game where you need absolutely no skill or strategy to get naked; just some good luck!
  • Be the first player to get the other player naked by turning up enough “Strip” cards to outplay your partners “Strip” cards
  • Game contents include: 52 Getting Naked Playing Cards – 1 Rule Booklet

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