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ConseXtration Card Game

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ConseXtration Card Game - KG
ConseXtration Card Game - KG
ConseXtration Card Game - KG
ConseXtration Card Game - KG
ConseXtration Card Game - KG

Enjoy each other in a game of conSEXtration. This erotic memory game allows couples to learn a little about their partner, reveal a little about themselves and enjoy one another in ways never imagined. Simply match pairs and do what the cards state. You never know what sexual favor might turn up. Includes an enticing mix of question and reveal, sex position and foreplay cards.

"The actual card box is simple, it's black and pink. On the back is a few words about discovering each other. It tells you to match a pair of cards and do what the cards tell you both to do.

 When I took the cards out, my first impression was that the cards look pretty. The front faces of the cards are black with consextration written across the front. The backs of the cards are pink with actions and pictures written in silver.

 One of the cards explains how to play (there are 52 cards in the deck), the instructions cards tell you to make four rows of 13 and pick until you get two of a kind, but this was a bit long winded so what I decided to do was just play a quick game of snap.

 Some of the cards have questions; some have positions while others have trivia facts to follow. They are quite fun to play with, they are great for living out some fantasies that you may not have known you wanted to try or that your partner would like to try but didn’t say.

 The cards are simple yet fun, a quiet night in doesn’t have to be boring (not that it would be anyway) but it adds a little bit of fun and playfulness. These cards are great for making you laugh and because of the laughing it lightens the mood for a more playful experience. Take all the stress out of fooling around, let the cards make the decisions for one night, trust me you wont regret it.

 You might want to have a few things at hand like a blindfold, a feather, a whip or a sweet piece of fruit and of course some chocolate.

 These card are a great idea for anyone, they would be great for a stocking filler and at that price, the laughing at been given these cards will make them well worth the cost. I love this little packet of cards, they are as useful as they are pretty."

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