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The Bedroom Game

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The Bedroom Game - KG
The Bedroom Game - KG
The Bedroom Game - KG
The Bedroom Game - KG
There are 90 Unique Activity Cards ranging from foreplay to varying sexual positions, explore your Hidden Desires and Fantasies using each of the Six Bedroom Categories: Sex and Positions, Bondage and Fetish, Edibles and Body Toppings, Teasing, Tickling, Seduction, Role-Play and Fantasy, Foreplay and Romance. 
  • The Bedroom Game is an adult card game for couples featuring bedroom activities
  • A colored die determines one of 6 card categories
  • Each card category has 15 cards of intriguing actions for a total of 90 cards to spice up the bedroom at any time
  • Learn different ways to get turned on and enjoy this game every night of the week


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