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The "O" Box Blog Review of OUR Sex Game!

Flirty Nola

Thank you to our friends at for their amazing game review!  See what they had to say:

Looking for a game that will stimulate deep conversations, erotic exploration, and experimenting with new never been done tasks leaving you and your partner in pure bliss. Well this great adult game for the bedroom could be just that. Thanks to our friends at KissyGames we were able to have some HOT fun once the kids fell asleep.

Our Sex Game


On a board that sensually spells out S E X, pleasure intensifies from Seductive to Erotic and onto X-rated as you advance from one letter to the net. With each progressively steamy level, roll to discover what you’ll be doing, where you’ll be doing it, and who reaps the rewards! The board is also loaded with OSG squares where you get to select a card describing increasingly sexy scenarios and intimate actions. 

Begin by secretly writing down your ultimate sexual fantasy: Play to win a this becomes the winner’s prize! 

The many random combinations ensure you’ll both enjoy a different experience each time you play. Whatever your journey – it’s sure to be filled with seductive, erotic and x-rated foreplay, building to an explosive climax! 

– Game Board 
– 24 ‘Seductive’ Cards 
– 24 ‘Erotic’ Cards 
– 24 ‘X-Rated’ Cards 
– 4 Game Dice 
– 2 Play Pieces 
– Rules of Play


Our take:
The game has so many different sexual fantasy’s to play out. Multiple ways to make your own naughty rules and seductive techniques to get both of unable to take our hands off each other. This game is great for couples looking to get closer and open up in ways you wouldn’t ordinarily open up too. My wife and I had to play a few times to try the actual way it’s meant to be played and then we had fun with adding additional toys and other fun objects to the game. It was a great experience and we would highly recommend this game if you are looking to change things up and get closer to your partner.

It is also on sale right now at!!!!!

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