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Let's Kink it Up a Notch

Nola KG

This article comes from the Brazen Woman website and is inspired by Jaiya, who is an award winning sexologist.  This is a great start if you and/or your partner are thinking about kinking things up. 

I will point out one thing they didn't include.They did not mention to accompany these rules with a game from Flirty Nola's Kissy Games.  :) These are starter points/rules but you may also need a warm-up to the warm-up...and also some new lingerie from Kissy Games.


XOXO Flirty Nola


5 Kinky Games That Will Leave You Feeling Sexy and Submissive

First step is to set up the rules, and make sure that everyone is clear on them before you play.


  • You cannot speak unless you ask permission to
  • If you need to stop the session and check in, say Yellow
  • You cannot look at me, but you must keep your eyes open at all time
  • You cannot touch me
  • You cannot move

Next, set up the rewards and punishments.


  • A Sexual Favor
  • A Massage
  • A Gift


  • Being Ignored
  • Spankings
  • Having to stand in the corner facing the wall
  • Game is over


1.    Dress in something that makes you feel sexy and you know will also please him.

2.    Let your partner pose you on a couch or bed as if he is a photographer looking for the most arousing and provocative pose. It is best if you are not allowed to speak and you cannot make eye contact.

3.    As he poses you, he will point out what is sexiest and what pleases him the most. He will observe you.

4.    If you break a rule, he must punish you immediately. If you do a good job and please him, await your reward.


1.    The person in control will say Green Light when they want to be touched. Then they will begin to count down “20, 19, 18, 17….”  Once they reach zero, the person touching must stop, or take a punishment.

2.    The person touching will be able to touch the person counting in any way they desire. The objective is to get them to forget to count, thus prolonging the experience.

Game Tip: Don’t just use your hands. Use your whole body to touch your lover. This works to help you both win!


1.    Your lover is your Master and you must do what he says (unless of course you call Yellow). However, if he doesn’t say Master Says before an order and you do what he said then you get a punishment at the end of the game.

2.    Here are few orders:

  • Very slowly strip off a piece of clothing
  • Come over here and rub my feet
  • Tell me something you love about me
  • Take off your panties
  • Touch your body


1.    Place a blindfold over your eyes.

2.    You will have to guess what the object is that he is touching you with. Is it a feather, a fruit, a fork? If you guess correctly you get a reward, if you guess wrong you get a punishment at the end of the game.

Game Tip: Go for 5-10 different guesses. This provides a nice opportunity for lots of rewards and punishments.

GAME 5: A or B

1.    Put on the blindfold and lie down on the bed either nude or in lingerie.

2.    The person in control will let a sensory item touch you with a long slow stroke and say This is A and then touch you with a contrasting stroke and say This is B and then ask which you prefer. You answer, A or B.  Your lover can test different areas on your body, different kinds of touch, and different sensory objects (a fork or a piece of furry fabric).

3.   End the game by appreciating your lover for taking the time to discover more about your pleasure.

Game Tip: Play this game for hours so it will culminate in some hot steamy fun!

Jaiya is an award-winning sexologist and author of Cuffed, Tied and Satisfied. She is on a mission to help men, women and couples create lasting passion and unleash sexual ecstasy.

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