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How a game changed our sex life forever

Flirty Nola

Relationships are hard.  They always start off white hot – filled with passion and excitement and cravings but over time work and kids and…well…just life can begin to dull things and before you know it things are different.  One day you wake up and realize that you aren’t having sex twice a day anymore – in fact, you aren’t doing it twice a week.  These ruts happen to everyone and they can be hard to break out of.  Complacency sets in and puts us in a place where we are awkward and uncomfortable with our own partners.  The love isn’t gone but the lust has packed up and left the building.

A few years ago my husband and I found ourselves in just this kind of rut.  We had two young kids and were living in a new city.  We felt isolated and out of synch.  Our sex life had evaporated to occasional quickies and our relationship was starting to show serious signs of sucking.  We loved each other but we were in real trouble and we both knew it. 

One night we were sitting outside when my husband pulled out a bottle of wine and game of naughty Truth or Dare questions.  I grabbed the wine but had no real interest in playing sex games with man who rarely made an effort to make me feel sexy anymore.  He persisted and we both had a few drinks and started to play.  We were both shy and awkward at first but we slowly relaxed and opened up and before we knew it we were laughing…and naked.  It was the first hot night we had had in forever and we wanted more.  The following weekend hubby showed up with a game called Full Disclosure that mixed fun questions with stripping and dares.  Holy crap!  We laughed for two hours and ended up having another amazing night of sex.  This time, though, things began to change.  We started texting more during the week.  I got flowers for no reason.  We started to cuddle while we watched TV and we held hands when we were out shopping.  Suddenly we were lovers again and it felt amazing.  Once we broke down the barriers our lives we changed forever.  The games kept coming – Intimate Dares, Orgasmixx  and Sexopoly followed and our relationship improved in ways that we could never have imagined.

Fast forward to today.  We still have down times but they are temporary.  Sensual games are still very much a part of our lives and we play the every chance that we get.  We are now much more open.  We share fantasies.  We try new things.  We add toys. We mix it up.  We have FUN with each other in the bedroom.  We laugh.  We love.  We lust.  Games changed us and we think that they can help other couples as well.  That’s why we founded Kissy Games – we wanted a place where couples could find naughty games easily and begin to rediscover their sex lives just like we did.  It takes effort to keep things hot but adding a regular game night to your routine can add a lot of laughter – and some really hot sex into your relationship!  Xoxo Nola

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