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Full Disclosure - The Review

Flirty Nola

This simple looking game has loads of surprises and 3 tiers of excitement.  My husband and I took it for a test ride last week and the verdict:  This is really fun to play.

  1. Spin to Strip
  2. Truth or Dare
  3. Spin for Positions

Full Disclosure starts out as a strip game.  You start out with a spinner and you take some action to get either yourself or your partner closer to nakedness.  

This is a super game to play as a M/F couple but it could easily be played by a group or with any combination of sexes.  (If I give any other combinations a try I will add to this review.)

Nola's Review

So with the first spin I was instructed to move an article of my partner's clothing. Alas as I was trying to remove some clothing with my teeth, my husband decides I'm taking too long and tries to remove this piece of clothing himself. I slapped him and told him to stop cheating.  This is what the spinner instructed ME to do and I was going to abide by the rules, dammit! Besides it was only the first spin, stop rushing me or I will take 8 years to take your shirt off.

Lots of slapping and laughter later we were both finally naked.

Once you are both completely naked it's on to the Truth or Dare cards.  This is the best part of the game, in my opinion.  They weren't stupid truths and dares.  In fact, they were actually fun and some were a bit probing/embarrassing.  We tried to do some of these cards in between our strip spins but most of them required us to be naked.

When it's your turn you pick up a card, read both the truth and dare out loud and then you (the reader) chooses which one to act out or spill the beans on.  At times both the T and D were so good we did both.

At this point in my notes I have another "Hubby doesn't follow rules!!!!" written out angrily so I'm assuming he was doing something to annoy me.

One of the cards stated a truth that we either didn't want to answer, or already knew the answer to and the dare was to play naked tag. One of us chose the tag (several cocktails in at this point so we aren't sure who it was) but we immediately regretted it because we were outside and realized we had to put shoes on and that just wasn't happening.  So we raced to the door instead. This was the final truth or dare card we played.

You get to decide when you've had enough truth or dare.

Once you decide to move on, you take out the spinner again but this time you use the numbers to decide what sex position to use.  There is a card that describes what each sex position is.

Of course throughout the game my hubby would also start to make up his own rules, and this is a game where you can easily do that,  I wanted to play the game as instructed because I'm very obedient (sometimes) but it was fun to alter some of the actions or combine them.

I wouldn't say we were surprised by this game because we didn't expect it to suck but it turned out to be a lot more fun than we had thought it would be.  This was a super fun game and while I slapped my husband for cheating a couple of times, that just added to the fun of it. I'm sure I also cheated but those instances weren't written down so I'm innocent until proven guilty.

Mr. Kissy Games Review:

I have to admit that this game was a lot more fun than I had expected.  It is a perfect game to bust out if the kids are at Grandma's and you have a bottle of wine or two.  It is a small simple game but we were able to kill two plus hours of hilarious and sometimes very sexy fun.  I don't think we had spent so much time naked - just talking - since we had kids.  

As described, the game has three distinct phases.

1. Slowly get naked (using the spinner to guide the action)

2. Hot talk.  The Truth or Dare cards are not lame and provided a good long session of probing questions and pretty hot foreplay.  If I was accused of "cheating" it is only because I wanted to continue with the dares longer than called for.  They were a good time.

3. Sex.  Positions dictated by the spinner which keeps you from defaulting to whatever your "norm" is and forces some variety.

Each of the phases were fun.  We sat outside with our drinks (naked for much of the time) and laughed for hours.  The Truth cards generated some deep conversations - even for a couple like us that is pretty open.  It was fun discussing fantasies that we might not talk about very much and it really heated things up...slowly which was nice for a change.

This is a compact little game but it packs in a lot of fun.  For couples that have been forced into routines by life, kids, work, etc. this is a great game to spice things up.  For the more adventurous couples this would be a super game to play with another couple of with a special friend.  

Regardless of how you decide to play it is well worth the $$ that it will cost you.  Make the investment!  Highly recommend this game.



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