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5 Ways Adult Board Games Can Spice Up a Marriage

Flirty Nola

When you think of board games, you might reminisce about family game nights, rainy days spent indoors, or even that heated game of Monopoly that went on for hours. However, board games aren’t just for children or nostalgic adults; they can be a creative tool to add a dash of excitement and fun to any marriage. Especially when we're talking about adult-themed board games designed to strengthen romantic relationships. At Kissy Games we believe that every marriage can remain exciting!  Let’s dive into the reasons why:

1. Communication is Key

  • Break Down Barriers: Adult board games often have prompts or tasks that encourage partners to communicate openly. They can be a fun way to discuss fantasies, boundaries, or even just everyday matters in a fresh, playful setting. Opening these communication channels can enhance understanding and trust in a relationship.
  • Learn New Things: Even if you’ve been together for decades, there’s always something new to discover about your partner. Through strategic game questions or playful dares, you might find out a previously unknown like, dislike, fantasy, or memory.

2. Break the Routine

  • New Experiences in Familiar Settings: While vacationing on a tropical island or booking a fancy hotel might be great, it isn't always feasible. Adult board games allow couples to experience new things without ever leaving their home.
  • Predictable Becomes Unpredictable: A board game might start familiarly, but with dice rolls, card draws, and playful challenges, you never really know where the night will take you. This unpredictability can add excitement and anticipation.

3. Competitive Playfulness

  • Healthy Competition: A bit of playful competitiveness can be quite invigorating. Racing against each other to achieve game objectives or trying to outdo each other in challenges can be exhilarating and entertaining.
  • Rewards and Penalties: Some adult board games offer rewards for wins or mild penalties for losses. This could be anything from answering a personal question, performing a dare, or offering a massage. The stakes can make the game more interesting and the rewards more intimate.

4. Fostering Intimacy

  • Physical Connection: Some games might include challenges that encourage physical touch, whether it’s holding a pose together, dancing, or even just a simple hug. Physical touch, as simple as it sounds, can strengthen emotional bonds.
  • Emotional Depth: Beyond just the physical, games can also be a bridge to deeper emotional intimacy. Sharing vulnerabilities, secrets, or wishes in the context of a game can make it easier and more natural.

5. Strengthen Team Dynamics

  • Work Together: While many board games are competitive, there are co-operative games where partners work together towards a common objective. This can reinforce the idea of marriage as a team effort.
  • Problem Solving: Facing challenges or puzzles in the game can be a metaphor for facing life’s challenges together. Coming up with strategies, making decisions, and celebrating victories together in the game world can translate to better teamwork in the real world.

In conclusion, incorporating adult board games into your marital routine can not only be a source of fun and entertainment but can also be a tool to strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Whether it’s a game designed for couples or just a regular board game played with a romantic twist, the laughter, challenges, and moments shared will undoubtedly make your relationship richer. So, why not hop on over to and choose a game tonight and embark on a playful journey with your beloved?

xoxo Flirty Nola